I had a client, who was friendly but shy. She was overweight and wouldn’t look me in the eye. As I was cutting her hair, I noticed she had beautiful hands and I told her so. I noticed a tear in her eye so I asked her what was wrong. She told me that after her divorce she had gained a lot of weight and that I was the first man in five years, besides her father,who had had paid her a compliment. She was sad about that. I encouraged her to use her hands when she talked so she would begin to believe in herself. I told her to stop punishing herself, think about her beautiful hands and use them to express herself.

Find that thing within you that turns you on and focus on that. Six weeks later she came back for a haircut and said she’d had four dates…the first dates she’d had in five years. What she discovered was the magic in her hands. It wasn’t about her weight anymore. It was about discovering something beautiful about herself, feeling confident, and comfortable, and even sexy.

If you’re feeling positive and confident in yourself, others will notice and respond to that feeling.

Marco 🙂